August 2003

We had a meeting and discussed the many ongoing matters with the Land. An AGM has been called for the 4th October, a Saturday - to be held hopefully near the land, in Waverley. An email will be put out to all parties and letter sent to those without email. We invite anyone to come along that is interested. More details will be posted once finalised. In the meantime you are welcome to contact info@mt-hiwi.org.nz. Minutes will be typed up and circulated soon.

News 2003

We have had a number of interested parties contact the secretary and ask about visits. This is great news and it seems the word is slowly spreading! Keep talking about the land and giving people this website to contact us.

2003 is slowly unfolding and we find ourselves mid-winter! The land is fabulous, and several of our projects are still ticking over. Things take time.

WHAT HAPPENED in 2002 and 2001??????


News September 2002

Things are speeding up which means more hard work for the team!! So many new things to learn and consider.

Trappernz have said they will visit the land in late September so we are looking forward to the report and further negotiations towards developing a Possum Management Plan. Will keep you posted.

A delegation travelled up to Waipapa Marae and met with the hapuu there. Minutes from this meeting are available. We discussed many of the issues involved in working together for the vision of preserving this precious piece of Aotearoa. Ongoing discussions will be held.

News August 2002

Well Spring is creeping up on us and things seem to be really coming into life for our Trust. Thanks to all those who's hard work has allowed so much to happen and continue to happen. Cast a thought to the land as it comes into this time of regrowth and all the gloriousness of Spring and Summer.

We are now having regular meetings and distributing the minutes to keep everyone up to date. Just email the list to join up and be kept up to date: info@mt-hiwi.org.nz

We have discussed planning for the next 12 months and allocated some key areas of responsibility.

GLORIOUS new photos have been added to our site - many many thanks to Rich for these. Check them out.

Neil has made a trip to the land and reported a brilliant day where he was able to use his mountain bike for Braemore Road. He will update us re fencing shortly.

News July 2002


After much hard work and perseverance the NHF have approved our application for funding! This means we can now go ahead and finalise purchase details for the land. Well done to all involved.

Part of the funding is for fencing which will enable us to work towards getting the whole property fenced, minimalising and controlling risk from pests. This is great news. Contact has also been made with DOC animal pest officer for the area, and we are waiting to hear back from them. We are also following up different pest control ideas so if any of you have any advice or services to offer - please contact us.

News July 2002

New email discussion list - members@mt-hiwi.org.nz. If you would like to belong to this group, please email us at info@mt-hiwi.org.nz and you will be kept in touch with things like proposed trips and other exciting events the Trust is involved with.

News June 2002

Our first AGM was held with good attendance. Minutes will be available from the Trust from this meeting, please email info@mt-hiwi.org.nz if you would like a copy. We were especially pleased to welcome new and interested parties and it was great to discuss some of the issues surrounding our management of the land. Much hinges on funding which will be our main focus until we are able to purchase...

News May 2002

After a successful trip to the land, there were articles in the Wanganui Chronicle and the Daily News (Taranaki).
(Click the paper name to see a jpg of the article as the papers don't archive these articles on the net.

We are pleased with this media coverage which brings our total media coverage to:

Daily News Articles - 3
Wanganui Chronicle Articles - 1
Tourist Times Articles - 1
Patea & Waverley Press - 1

Members of the Wanganui Regional Museum's Botanical Group visited with members of the Trust, and started an inventory of different plants. An exciting project and we look forward to further progress with this.

News September 2001

There will be a media "campaign" starting in the middle of October which will coincide with a series of talks we will be giving. The main focus of this campaign will be in Wanganui and New Plymouth although it is likely we will hold a meeting here in Wellington.

In preparation for this we are busy constructing a Presentation Pack which includes OHPs of various maps and diagrams,and a series of colour photos of appropriate flora and fauna.

We have also been developing an A4 brochure which will be available in time for the meetings. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet has been written and is now on the Website. Both of these will also be available in hard copy at the meetings. We will also have copies of the various reports which have been written about the site. The Management Plan is well under way and will be finished when we get to the end.

Negotiations with the Iwi are on good and supportive terms and we are presently teeing up a meeting before we give another presentation on the Marae, probably at one of their monthly hui.

If you have any input into any of the above or any other questions etc., feel free to contact info@mt-hiwi.org.nz or one of the other Trustees. Specifically, if you have contacts in the area who would likely be useful in setting up meetings in the area, then let us know ASAP. Members of relevant clubs or organisations which are likely to have interested people, e.g. tramping, bird watching, conservation etc.

Also,if you would like to be part of the 'delegation'  which gives the Iwi presentation then please contact either myself or Delia. You donít necessarily have to do anything but add moral support. We've been told to expect to speak to 80 - 100 people so a few in our corner will be appreciated!! Let us know if you're interested and we'll let you know dates etc. when we have them. Cheers, Phil

News June 2001

New Plymouth's DAILY NEWS ran an article on June 6, 2001 under the heading 'Group plans new wildlife reserve', and articles have also appeared in the June issue of TARANAKI TOURIST TIMES and the 1st June issue of the WAVERLEY & PATEA POST.

The bank account is now set up so please feel free to add your contribution to the pot and final negotiations are underway regarding the contract to purchase the block of land.

Interested in becoming a member?, then email info@mt-hiwi.org.nz

News May 2001

A wee report on the trip last weekend also an update on the details of how to get there.


Travelling from the south, the turn off is Okotuku Rd, 40km's north of Wanganui. After several kms, turn right into Omahina Rd. 11km from SH3 the seal changes to a well gravelled meandering surface which successively offers nothing but stunning vistas for the final 6km. The last gate before going down the hill is the place to stop.

Travelling from the North turn onto Waitangi Rd just behind the Waverley Post Office, after approx. 4 km turn left at the T intersection into Okotuku Rd for a couple kms before turning right into Omahina Rd as above.

TRIP 12th April 2001.

The four of us met at Rachel's in Turakina. Lorna was already there while Sharon and myself just called in on our way from Wellington as the phone number we had for Rachel was not working. After lamb-shanks for lunch, and a coffee, we headed off in one car enjoying stimulating conversation throughout the 80 minute journey. After stopping several times for photos along the final few kms,(which happens every trip!) we unloaded the car and strolled the 3-400 metres to the grassy outcrop where I'd already decided we would later have our "Dinner". Here we left everything but the cameras and water.

Walking through the bush deeper into the valley was, as always, a magical experience. Companioned by a solitary fantail for much of the walk in, we were pleasantly surprised at the enormous quantity of rata still in bloom, even though the majority was past its best. We walked and talked and listened and soaked up the peace and tranquility nurturing our souls. At one point, while I measured a particularly large beech tree (either black or mountain) which sits approx. 15metres below the track Lorna went ahead and was blessed with a bellbird chiming in with the tuis, robins, and warblers which failed to warn us of the impending rain!!

For the record she measured 1.20m DBH ! Or in English, measuring at breast height (approx.1.2metres or 4feet) off the ground, the trunk is 3.77metres (12ft 5inches) around which equates to being 1.2 metres in diameter. Later as we headed back for dinner, we heard a couple of fernbirds from down towards the wetlands. It started getting dark and about 10 minutes before we got back we were offered a soft sample of Taranaki sunshine. Dinner was consequently had in the rain, sheltered under a good sized miro as the last of the light disappeared. At some point a morepork started calling out and must have continued for 20 minutes before finally being joined by another as we started to pack up our home-made tomato soup, pumpkin seed bread and bikkies. (Thermos, butter dish, cups, plates etc. for four, but only 2 napkins an done of those was used to protect the ground from any soup as it was poured! thankyou Rachel). Given that it was raining, we had given up on the idea of tea and coffee while we played our tape of kiwi calls in the hope of them responding.

You can imagine then, our surprise and delight when, about 100 metres along the track, the moreporks seemed to go silent as a single brown kiwi said "goodbye". Thus, we completed our most enjoyable afternoon/evening, although Sharon did get pulled up by the police for forgetting to slow down as she entered the town of Bulls.

Consensus was that taking a tent and spending the night there is likely to be a trip scheduled soon!



The Mt Hiwi Trust became a legal entity on the 30th April 2001 and an application to be Incorporated as a Charitable Trust was lodged with the Companies Office on the same day.

A bank account is presently being opened with the Taranaki Savings Bank (TSB) and this should be available to receive deposits by 10th May 2001.

We are applying to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for status enabling donors to the trust to claim income rebates and also enabling the trust to run without having to pay tax on any profits that might be made, even though we don't see this happening in the foreseeable future!.

News April 2001

DoC have agreed to assist us with the following;

The 'Taranaki Tree Trust' have also agreed to give financial assistance towards both fencing and pest control.

We are in the midst of negotiation with the present landowner who is being extremely generous and flexible regarding the imminent purchase.

Target Date is 29th MAY 2001.

Presently 12 people have committed. We are looking for a total of 40-50. If you would like to offer your services as a Trustee then please let us know as there are still several spaces available on the Board.

Membership (and other) enquiries are easiest via email-info@mt-hiwi.org.nz